Yarn Dyed Fabric Is Characterized by Corrosion Resistance

Yarn Dyed Fabric Is Characterized by Corrosion Resistance

In daily life, many common clothes and other things are made of yarn dyed fabric. Today, let’s briefly introduce the yarn dyed fabric.

Yarn dyed fabric cloth, as its name implies, is a fabric made of dyed yarns. Yarn processing and dyeing can generally be divided into two types: dyed yarn and dyed yarn.

In short, yarn dyed fabric refers to a kind of cloth woven or woven, but knitting machines can also be used to make excellent knitted fabrics. Compared with printed and dyed cloth, it is unique in style but expensive. The cost of dyed fabric is relatively high because the total loss in yarn dyeing, weaving and finishing processes of dyed fabric is relatively large and the machine output is not as high as that of grey-white fabric.

Yarn dyed fabric is also a common fabric. This fabric is durable, wrinkle-resistant and heat resistant. It is suitable for making a pleated skirt. In addition, this yarn dyed fabric is corrosion-resistant, so it is not afraid of mildew and moths (it must also be kept dry). However, this yarn dyed fabric has poor air permeability, so it feels a little sultry when worn, is easy to carry static electricity, is more afraid of dirt, and will form holes when encountering small dust particles such as soot and fine sand. Therefore, clothes made of yarn dyed fabric should be kept away from open flames and high temperatures as far as possible.

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